"Violence Reduction through Proactive Instruction"

BUILD provides in-depth services designed to address the root causes of violence needed to build long-term, sustainable systems and infrastructure for individuals, communities, and municipalities. With our practitioner-based, hands-on approach and collaborative methodology, BUILD provides holistic solutions including specialized training, consulting, personal refinement, advocacy, and community restoration.

Leadership Development & Training

Professional Community Intervention Training Institute
A 12-week professional certification training that offers in-depth, practitioner-based education and placement into the Urban Safety Community Navigators and Community Sentinel Programs.
Alliant University Collaboration
This first of its-kind training happens twice a year where community members are certified in violence prevention and intervention training and receive college credit from Alliant University.

Prevention & Intervention Work

Community Sentinel Program
BUILD is conducting 12-week Youth Leadership & Personal Development Academies in Watts, Los Angeles; Newark, New Jersey, and; Rockville, Maryland.
Urban Safety Community Navigators
Network of trained, non-law enforcement, violence prevention and intervention professionals, who are from the communities they serve and trained through the PCITI, to work in targeted zones to maintain safety.

Hospital-Based Training & Programming

Hospital Alliance for Violence Prevention (HAVI)
BUILD is implementing multidisciplinary training in more than 9 hospitals to identify patients most at-risk of repeat violent injury and connecting them with hospital and community-based resources.
Blue Shield Partnership
BUILD is training Blue Shield hospital staff and volunteers at their South Los Angeles Trauma Center, a new model for training hospital staff on how to address the underlying conditions of violence.

Education & Community Building

Community Visits + Activations
BUILD facilitates educational sessions for partners to deepen their understanding of community issues, including the root causes of violence, health and wellness, law enforcement and community relations, and more.
Private Educational Training
BUILD coordinates private educational training for athletes, entertainers, and elected officials to get a better understanding of how to best leverage their influence and platforms for community-driven change.


The BUILD Program provides consultation services for a number of organizations and municipalities both nationally and internationally. Through these services, the BUILD Program provides a community-based and readily- accessible resource for local governments, youth, families, schools and communities. As such, the focus of the BUILD Program is to provide a host of services, including highly specialized training, on-going technical assistance, and a nationwide network of practitioners, legislators, municipalities, law enforcement entities, and service providers that have adopted “The Community-Based Gang Intervention Model.”

The BUILD Program provides support on the development and implementation of the following

Comprehensive Gun Violence Reduction Strategies
Non-Police Community Led Critical Response
Social Inequality Trainings
Hospital Critical Response
Communitywide Assessment, Asset Mapping and Evaluation
Public Safety and Juvenile Justice Policy and Legislation
Trauma Informed Healing and Wellness Circles
Victim Services
Critical Response to Community Needs Related to COVID-19 and Associated Crisis
The Community-Based Gang Intervention Model
Multidisciplinary Communication and Collaboration
Developing Common Standard Operational Procedures and Protocols

THE BUILD Program provides the following certification and training

Professional Certification: Numerous stages of validated, professional certification for beginners, intermediate and advance participants related to this field of work.

Specialized Training: Specialized training for reducing and mitigating community, family, personal and shared forms of crisis/violence, misguided anti-societal behaviors and unwarranted crisis. BUILD Program assists municipalities, researchers, educators and public safety specialists in developing the wrap around infrastructure to stabilize individuals and community violence once it begins.

Specialized training includes

Comprehensive Organizational, Development and Tactical Training/Education
Utilization of Advanced Intervention and Prevention Approaches to Tackle Core Violence Concerns and Quality of Life Issues
BUILD Programing Operational Capacities of Organizations and Targeted Communities
Generating Community Engagement Associations and BUILD Programing Proven Regional/National Affiliations
Developing Successful Advocacy and Executive Sponsorships
Tailored Credible Messengers Training
Public Safety Training which includes Law Enforcement and Fire Departments

National Certification

The BUILD Program’s national certification connects individuals and agencies across the country who are able to network with each other through numerous events and learn about emerging and current best practices in the field of health and wellness. Becoming apart of this national network allows members to utilize your peers as sounding boards and create rewarding collaborations with entities with the same interests as yours.