BUILD works to increase public safety in communities all across the United States.

Certified through the Professional Community Intervention Training Institute (PCITI), the BUILD Program offers in-depth, practitioner-based services to increase community health and safety.



The BUILD Program provides a depth of services, including in-depth training and technical assistance designed to address critical challenges impacting distressed individuals and families, communities, and municipalities.

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March 6th- March 9th CVI Training Wilmington, Delaware
March 11th-14th Milwaukee (Dual Trainings) Violence Intervention Training Level II
March 13th- March 17th Credible Messengers Training Milwaukee, Wisconsin
March 15-18th Milwaukee (Dual Trainings) Leadership, Train the Trainer HOT training
March 28th & 29th Los Angeles City Training Conflict Mediation and Dispute Resolution Street Training
March 28th & 29th GRYD Training Los Angeles, CA
April 6th- April 7th Reimagining Justice Paterson, New Jersey
April 17th- April 19th City of Norfolk: Level II Certification Training Norfolk, Virginia
April 20th- April 22nd Montgomery County Level I Training Rockville, Maryland
April 25th- April 26th GRYD Training Los Angeles, CA
May 1st- May 5th City of Hampton: Level and Level II CVI Training Hampton, Virginia
May 15th- May 19th Montgomery County Advanced Training/Community Stakeholder Capacity Building/Safety Development Rockville, Maryland
May 23rd - May 25th GRYD Training Los Angeles, CA
May 30th- June 2nd Community Passageways Annual CVI Certification Training Seattle, Washington
June 12th- June 17th Technical Assistance/Agency Strategic Planning/Maryland Bureaus Capacity Building/ Safety Training Maryland (Various Areas)

The long-awaited follow-up to Peace in the Hood: Working with Gang Members to End the Violence is now underway! Aquil Basheer and journalist Christina Hoag have teamed up again to collaborate on a groundbreaking second book about community violence interdiction and community-based public safety – what it is and how to do it. Coming Soon.



If you would like more information on BUILD”s training, consulting or troubleshooting services, please contact our Executive Assistant, Alicia Thompson, at our office number and you will be provided a price quote for your specific request.